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CBD “Legal-Age Verification” Vending Machines
Compact unit with impressive capacity. This unit comes with legal-age verification hardware, so this machine is ready to sell: CBD, PPE, tobacco, e-cigarette or similar products, right out of the box. These products are an untapped and lucrative market and these machines are primed to take a piece of it. This is a smart vending machine with remote access to monitor the status of the machine. Power: 110Vac, 8A, Connectivity: Cell or LANMaterials: Steel, Aluminium, Payment Device: Nayax or Equivalent, Warranty: 1 year, all parts, Manufactured in USA, (Bottom stand portion not necessary for mounting to walls), Dimensions: 18.5″(wide) x 42.0″(tall) x 13.1″(deep), Weight: 85lbs, Max 18 conveyors, Conveyor Size: 12″long x 2″wide, Tray Size: 9″ wide, Tray Capacity: 36″tall, 9″ wide, Payment: Credit/Debit/Chip/Apple/TapDispensing vend sensor, Display: 24″ Touch Screen. Contact Don Rischuk,, T: 204-272-0310, Toll Free: 877-732-6965, M: 604-727-9091.
Vending Design Works Ltd.
Wall Mount Vending Legal Age
Phone: 604-727-9091
Since 2009 Digital Media Vending has been designing and building custom vending machines. Check out our SANITATION VENDING MACHINE. We create wall mounted and floor standing vending machines. Dispense mechanisms include elevators and adjustable conveyor belts, hanger trays and spirals. Touchscreens, remote management, and video analytics are optional. Automated retail is the future, let us bring your concept to life. Visit our website: Sanitation Vending Machine.
Sanitation Wall Mount Vending Machine
USA 1-800-490-1108
UK +44 (0)20 3239 5081
HK +852-8191-0885

Vending Manufacturers, Inc. – Our vending machines dispense pharmaceuticals, perfumes, snacks and other products. You can buy factory direct, become one of our distributors or we can customize a machine for your product. Visit our Products pages for details on our vending machines. Let us know you visited our web site and receive special discount prices.

Vending Manufacturers

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Weiners Ltd is The Nation’s largest supplier of trial size toiletries and medications to hotel and hospital gift shops. Our catalog has nearly 900 items for travelers and people on the go.


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