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Here you will find BULK VENDING MACHINES FOR SALE!! These bulk (candy, nuts, mints, gumballs) vending machine suppliers are listed alphabetically by company name. Please contact these bulk vending machine suppliers direct for more information.
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A&A Global Industries

A&A Global Industries is the world’s largest supplier of vending machines and supplies. In business for 70 years, A&A supports the following product categories:  gum, candy, nuts, superballs, toys, novelties, capsules, machines, stickers, temporary tattoos, and innovative POP displays. Website: www.aaglobal.com

Phone: 800-638-6000
Local: 410-252-1020

Candy for a Cause™ Pink Ribbon Program is the fastest growing charity vending program. Make money while making a difference with laminated corrugated or clear plastic mint, lollipop, or bulk candy displays. We also carry matching labels for bulk machines, all with protected territories. www.candyforacause.org (contact) 716-873-7003 Candy for a Cause.
Phone: 716-873-7003
Candymachines.com is family-owned and operated specializing in candy, gumball, sticker machines, gumballs, candy, and other bulk vending supplies. For over 20 years, Candymachines.com is in business to help your business succeed
Phone: 800-853-3941
Local: 760-744-1550
Fax: 866-863-5867
Cardinal Distributing – “Your Bulk Vending Warehouse. Everything for the bulk vending operator! We are a real bricks-and-mortar company with over 100,000 square feet of bulk vending machines and supplies ready to ship to you immediately. All vending machines and products at wholesale prices<
Phone: 800-368-2062
The Lil’ Wizard by Global Gumball – A Fun Coin Operated Spiral Gumball Vending Machine! Don’t be fooled by the word “Lil,” at 27″ our smallest gumball machine, the Lil’ Wizard, delivers all the cool and pizzazz of our larger machines. This machine is perfect for locations with limited space or the perfect gift for that special someone who has everything but could really use a gumball machine. Visit www.GlobalGumball.com.
Lil' Wizard - the Fun Spiral Gumball Machines for sale!
Phone: 480-497-4364
Contact Niko
EAST COAST VENDING SUPPLY Is the leading Vending Machine and Vending Supply Company specializing in Gumball Machines, Capsule Machines, Bulk Vending Combinations, Filled Capsules, Gumballs, Candy, Mints, Nuts, Crane Mixes, Vending Tattoos, Vending Stickers, Superballs, Crane Machines, Snack and Soda Machines. Serving the entire USA!