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Very Low Cost Vending Business !!Please contact the HONOR SNACK BOXES, honor boxes cardboard or plastic boxes. These box suppliers are listed below, in alphabetical order by company name. Contact these suppliers direct for more information about their products & pricing.
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HONOR SNACK Snack Box Companies
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Cameron Packaging – Snack Boxes and Snack Trays, Snack boxes ship out on the same day, or on the next business day, via UPS ground.
Phone: 800-381-9404
Local: 419-222-9404
Fax: 419-222-9802
Charity Lollipop Honor Boxes
NEED A WAY TO MAKE SOME PART-TIME INCOME? We give you all the tools to get started, [Charity Lollipop
Honor Boxes] 50 Boxes -(box holds 60 lollipops), total of 3,000 Tootsie Roll Lollipops. Low start up cost- all for under $2,500! Lollipops sell for 50 cents each and only
1-2 hours per month to service all locations. Call 561-255-2685, or email at: simplesnackv@gmail.com
Phone: 561-255-2685
Honor Systems
Honor Systems – New Plastic Honor Box with lock up money box feature. Holds Approximately 140-170 items. Very attractive design. Call for details and questions at 434-258-9636 or email me at Cvv_dennis@hotmail.com for pictures or follow up information. Locating and routes available in most areas.
Phone: 434-258-9636
Honor Snack Boxes – All Find out All About the Snack Box Business! Check out our website.
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