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Find Vending MASSAGE CHAIRS FOR SALE! Please contact these Wholesale Coin Operated Massage Chair suppliers directly for more information and pricing.

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Family Massage Chair – We are working hard to offer you the highest quality massage chairs and health products. We will be adding new products to in the coming weeks.  If there are any products that you want us to start carrying, please let us know by contacting us…
Phone: 800-670-7480
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Knovelty- Welcome to Knovelty Inc., your long-standing retailer specializing in shiatsu massage chair and health products for your home or office. We carry an assortment of products ranging from our popular items such as Shiatsu massage chairs, to the hard to find products such as bidets.
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Toll Free:  1-866-336-5135
Magic Massage Chair
Magic Massage Chairs! Let the Magic Begin!
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