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KARAN is the leading company in application automation and Vending machines in Iran, introducing new automation solutions for classic processes, beside manufacturing. Standard Vending machines makes KARAN a reference for providing any vending solutions. By customizing vending machines for the country terms and cultures we are going to expand markets and spread out automation systems usage. KARAN cooperates with device and machine suppliers all around the world to produce the best product the suits customer needs.
Phone: +98 21 4815210
Fax: +98 21 4838731
Kiosk Vending – 21st century Kiosk Vending Machines featuring exciting new revenue producing applications. These complete products offer profitable business opportunities.
Phone: 800-509-5471
Tel: 303-466-5471
Fax: 303-466-6730
National Electronic
Technologies, Inc.
Videonet currency operated public access Internet terminals and Web based pay phones.
Phone: 506-847-4969
Technik Mfg., Inc. is a 25 year manufacturer of custom vending machines, custom kiosks and kiosk components.
Located in the heart of the U.S. Technik Mfg. has produced over 46,000 machines shipped to 49 different countries.
With the ability to reliably vend many products you must ask yourself, “What Solution Can Technik Provide For You?”
Technik Mfg Machines
Phone: 402-564-3191
Toll Free: 800-795-8251
Fax: 402-564-0406