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Cigarette vending machines! Cigarette vending machine suppliers are listed below in alphabetical order by company name. Cigar and Cigarette dispensers too. Please contact the companies listed below for more information.
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Cigarette vending machines at wholesale! Looking for a great deal on a cigarette vending machine? You found it! is an authorized distributor of Seaga Vending equipment and we proudly offer their line-up of electronic cigarette vendors. These durable machines are industrial grade and are built specifically to handle high volume locations. We offer great prices, backed by our 105% Low Price Guarantee, and fast shipping. All machines are NEW with a full factory warranty and backed by our 30-day guarantee. To shop online now, click the image to the right or call 1-800-260-0010.
Phone: 800-260-0010 – Our company sells cigarette and cigar vending machines.
Slim Line Designs – Wall mount, floor standing, and counter top vending and dispensing machines! CIGARETTE and CIGAR VENDORS! FACTORY DIRECT pricing and Warranty with the Manufacturer! Wall Mount vending machines: 10 selections of 10 products for selections of 100 packages or upgrade to our 18 selections 675 packages which expands to carry a maximum of 5700 packages. All machines can be equipped with coin changers, bill validators, credit card readers, DEX, and Internet accounting communication. We ship worldwide. Call Toll Free for pricing 1-866-580-3328!
Slimline Small Vending Machines

Phone: 866-580-3328
Local: 604-580-3328