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A&A Global Industries
A&A Global Industries is the world’s largest supplier of vending machines and supplies. In business for 70 years, A&A supports the following product categories:  gum, candy, nuts, superballs, toys, novelties, capsules, machines, stickers, temporary tattoos, and innovative POP displays. Website: www.aaglobal.com
Phone: 800-638-6000
Local: 410-252-1020
Candymachines.com is family-owned and operated specializing in candy, gumball, sticker machines, gumballs, candy, and other bulk vending supplies. For over 20 years, Candymachines.com is in business to help your business succeed
Phone: 800-853-3941
Local: 760-744-1550
Fax: 866-863-5867
Rydin Decal – No matter what your ideas or requirements for custom stickers and decals, Rydin Decal can create whatever you need!
Vending Supply is America’s premier manufacturer and supplier of temporary tattoosstickers and scratchers for flat vending machines. Being the only manufacturer in the US, we’re able to deliver high quality, safety-tested products at competitive prices with unbeatable customer service. We’re now offering bulk vending products for added convenience, including a selection of 1” & 2″ capsulesbouncy balls and plush animals with more coming soon! View our products, specials & new releases and conveniently order online at VendingSupply.com, or call us at 800-315-9849. Use code YP2019 for 15% off your first order of regularly-priced flat boxes!* Call for details.
Bulk Vending Supply
Phone: 800-315-9849
Local: 520-239-5141
Fax: 520-747-2904