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CASHLESS PAYMENT SYSTEMS for your vending machines and micro markets, office coffee service. Cashless Payment Transaction Solutions. Make the investment to go cashless, you’ll be glad you did! $$$ Please contact these cashless payment system companies direct for more information.
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Cashless Payment Systems
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Microtronic US is the world leader in affordable Integrated Stored Value technology. Total offline RFID solutions. Switch from Debitek easily! Little or no monthly fees while still offering optional Credit Card acceptance for your customers. We now offer a new online Vending / Cell phone app interface to allow you to market to your specific customers with full telemetry capabilities. Visit website: or call to schedule your online demonstration.
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Nayax offers a complete solution including localized cashless payment acceptance, a management suite, and consumer engagement tools, enabling vending operators to grow their business. With vending and micro market solutions, enabling payment via EMV-contactless, EMV-contact, prepaid, QR code scans, digital apps and more. Nayax’s management suite enables customization of alerts, reports, tracking of cash & cashless transactions. The Nayax BI system allows for customizable smart analysis, reports and statistics. With marketing and loyalty platform for rewarding return customers. Visit
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The PayRange BluKey device retrofits any MDB standard vending machine to accept mobile payments. Simply plug the BluKey device in line with the coin mech or bill validator on your vending machine, and you have a quick way for your customers to make cashless payments. BluKey for vending works alongside card readers, cash and coin. Visit website. Visit website.
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Tech 2 Success makes IT projects as simple as possible for small and large businesses. Our team has an unmatched exposure to cloud migrations and management, e-commerce solutions and vending industry technology. When you are investing in technology to improve your business, you can’t afford to leave it in the hands of an inexperienced team. Specializing in Cloud Services, Online Ordering, Micro Market Connectivity, and Web Solutions. Visit
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