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COIN OPERATED ALCOHOL BREATHALYZER TESTERS! Learn more about BREATHALYZERS, alcohol breath tester machines info and pricing by contacting the Suppliers listed. Wholesale Coin Operated Vending Alcohol Testing Breathalyzers.
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Alcohol Breath Testing Vending Machines
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The Alcohol Alert breath testing machine is an interactive, speaking marvel that educates and protects, both the unassuming general public, as well as the drinking driver.

Phone: 480-629-8297

Alco Scan – AL3500 Coin Operated Breathalyzer! The AlcoScan AL3500 is a coin and bill operated breathalyzer for use in public places such as bars or restaurants. The unit displays the customer’s alcohol level with 3 digit accuracy. The large bright red LED’s are easy to read, even in low light areas. A pleasant voice command will guide your customers through the test.

Phone: 866-216-8700
Alco Scan
BREATHALYTICS – ALCOHOL MONITORING SYSTEMS – A smarter way to screen for alcohol.  Breathalytics provides the first affordable and automated solution in alcohol monitoring. Driving down the cost of testing allows correctional agencies to test more frequently and keep participants on the track to recovery.
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Phone: 651-340-6592
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