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The Alcohol Alert breath testing machine is an interactive, speaking marvel that educates and protects, both the unassuming general public, as well as the drinking driver.

Phone: 480-629-8297

Alco Scan – AL3500 Coin Operated Breathalyzer!

Blo Dad & Sons offers:The MOST ADVANCED BREATHALYZER VENDING MACHINE ON THE MARKET TODAY!  B.D. & Sons Customer Support is far superior than any other in the industry; as we actually assisting you in starting, growing and maintaining your business. You keep 100% of your profits, unlike other breathalyzer vending companies who try and keep portions of your profits. We have a breathalyzer vending machine for every budget, from 12″-19″+, LCD, or touch-screen! Other options available. We also sell handheld units for on-the-go breath testing! TheBOOZELATOR™ 3001 – Vending Breathalyzer Machine! Visit us online here: or call toll-free 800-604-0226

The BOOZELATOR 3001  -Breathalyzer Vending Machine!
Phone: 800-604-0226
Local: 239-257-2166
Guangzhou Light Industry Elec Co Ltd is One of The Best Vending Machine Manufacturer in China! We are good at breathalyzers, combo vending machine, drink vending machine, adult toy vending machine, all of our vending machines come with online management system. We also can offer ODM and OEM vending machine service! Visit website: