Waterlogic Offers COVID-Secure Water Dispensers


Since COVID-19, people who use office water systems have demanded safer options for getting the water that they need because they don’t want to catch viruses. 

Thanks to Waterlogic, employees can have access to clean and safe water because this water filtration system provides 99.999% protection against the human form of COVID-19, and other viruses. 

Unrivaled Water Purity, Hygiene, And Taste 

Let’s face it, in today’s world water has to be safe, but it also has to taste great at the same time as well.  With the Waterlogic system, anyone who enjoys a drop of water from this dispenser can have peace of mind in knowing that their water is free from viruses like COVID or Legionella. 

Contactless Technology  

Based in Grapevine TX, but with offices worldwide, Waterlogic’s business has grown in recent years as more people worldwide have demanded safer, more hygienic water during the Pandemic.  The Waterlogic dispenser is ideal because it also offers contactless technology, so that people can fill up a cup of water, or coffee pot, without touching the dispenser. 

Inspected By Independent Researchers  

Waterlogic has exceeded customer expectations and their purification technology has been vetted by independent research from Arizona’s Water & Energy Sustainable Technology Center.  This independent research confirms that it’s one of the safest purification systems on the planet that protects against viruses and possible cross-contamination between users. 

To learn more about Waterlogic, visit their website at http://www.waterlogic.com

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