Bevi Adds Electrolytes and More to Water Coolers

Eliza Becton, Bevi co-founder and vp of products
Eliza Becton, Bevi Co-Founder

Bevi is adding electrolytes, vitamin boost and caffeine to the flavor options of its office water cooler machines.  The enhancements are calorie- and sugar-free.  The enhancements can be selected along with the water flavor, whether it is still or sparkling, and the temperature on the touchscreen display.  Products can also be selected frictionless by scanning a QR code and having the screen appear on one’s personal device. 

Bevi has a standup and countertop version.  Machines are connected to the building’s water line. 

Fresh water has never been more in demand than right now because most consumers want to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, but they also don’t want to drink a lot of bottled or tap water.  

Bevi’s water coolers offer a fun and convenient way to easily get water without having to be concerned with hard metals or chemicals in the water that they are drinking or purchasing plastic bottles which consume natural resources to produce and frequently are not recycled. 

Yes, More People Will Drink Water 

In the 2020’s, the average consumer wants to drink water, but they don’t because they also think water is boring, and they would rather choose a soda or energy drink instead.  

With Bevi Smart, these coolers make drinking water fun again because each cooler makes it possible for consumers to personalize their water with a variety of flavors, temperatures, sparkling or non-sparkling water.  

While dispensing their water, Bevi Smart water dispensers will also show consumers what’s in their water, plus their environmental impact by choosing water from the dispenser versus drinking bottled water.  

Ideal For Most Locations  

Bevi Smart Water 2.0

Bevi Smart water dispensers should be a ‘must have’ amenity for any company, especially since they come in a stand up and tabletop models that can be easily set up for employees in just minutes.  

All Bevi dispensers are installed by the pros on our Bevi service team or our qualified partners. 

  • Plumbing: – Water line (¼” outer diameter). 
  • Electrical: – Standard GFCI protected 115V, 3 prong outlet. 
  • Space: – Dimensions: 66” H x 16” W x 21” D. 
  • Clearance: 1” around the sides, 3” on the top, 2” in the back. 
  • Internet Connection: – Wireless or Ethernet connection is required to enable the smart functions of the Bevi dispenser. 

To learn more about the Bevi Smart water dispenser, visit their website at,, (617) 315-4715.