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Toys and Toy Mixes For Sale for Amusement redemption machines, arcade gamerooms, crane games and retail stores! Contact the Wholesale Toy Merchandise Suppliers listed below direct for more information about their toy products.
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A&A Global Industries

A&A Global Industries is the world’s largest supplier of vending machines and supplies. In business for 70 years, A&A supports the following product categories:  gum, candy, nuts, superballs, toys, novelties, capsules, machines, stickers, temporary tattoos, and innovative POP displays. Website:

Phone: 800-638-6000
Local: 410-252-1020

AllstarVending has been in the vending industry since 1989. We enjoy a wonderful reputation worldwide. We specialize in manufacturing our own Allstar sticker, gumball and capsule machines, as well as the stickers, tattoos, 3D puzzles and beanies that vend through these machines, USA and Canada.
Phone: 514-426-1690
Fax: 514-426-5644
Creative Products is a manufacturer/wholesaler of carded novelty gags, toys and magic. These are low cost, highly recognizable impulse items for your vending program (whoopee cushion, snappy gum, itching powder, squirt items, etc.). Call us today at 800-842-8997. See our products at
creative-products- manufacturing
Phone: (610) 266-0744 is THE gumballs & gumball machine megastore! We got our start in 1993, we stock a wide array of vending products ranging from the classic bubble gumball machine to professional grade snack and soda machines, bill changers, bulk gumballs, super balls, flat vending-stickers, toy capsules, replacement parts, SNACK & SODA VENDING MACHINES, VENDING PRODUCT LABELS AND MORE!. It’s in our name and we promise our gum balls and bulk candy will always be fresh. To shop online now go to
Bulk wholesale Gumball Candy Products for vending
Phone: 800-260-0010
Fax: 214-550-5070
P.I.A. Products distributes premium branded merchandise to FEC & Amusement markets, specializing in Prize, Incentive, and Award fulfillment for loyalty, award, and prize redemption programs. PIA services a variety of categories including: Electronics, Bluetooth, Headphones, Kitchen Ware, Appliances, Personal Care Products, Toys, Sporting Goods, Tools, and other Branded Products. Visit us at Contact us at
PIA Products
Phone: (303) 918-8341
Redemption Plus offers toys, crane`mixes, stickers, and other merchandise for redemption. Novelty Toys and Gifts. Crane and Merchandiser kits. Ask for your FREE catalog today! 1-888-564-7587, visit our website at
Phone: 888-564-7587
Fax: 913-492-5335
Sega Corporationhas held the Disney license to manufacture plush and toys in Japan for over 10 years, and now the U.S. market can look forward to similar unique styles of beloved Disney characters for their amusement locations.
Phone: 888-877-2669
Local: 847-364-9787
Star Track has a huge assortment of licensed stuffed animals including favorites like SpongeBob, Dora The Explorer, Looney Tunes, Muppets and Marvel. We also stock over 50 pre-pack crane assortments, Plush, Novelty, Toys, Candy, Drillomatics, Rotary Dishes, Sports Arena Kits, Gravity Hill and Jewelry/Key Chain Kits! Based out of Farmingdale, New York.
Phone: 631-293-6654
The Toy Factory – Featuring Awesome New Official Collegiate items, Spider-Man 3 Movie Plush, and a Galaxy of our “Out of This World Plush”!
Phone: 866-403-6555
Toy Connection – your one stop shop for kids prizes, toys and novelties at wholesale prices!
Phone: 516-371-9206