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SPECIALTY VENDING MACHINES Companies! They comapnies may offer varieties of Specialty Vending Machine types: Snack, Soda, Combo, Coffee Food, Frozen, Water, Healthy Vending machines, Coin Air Meters, Micro Markets, Amusement and more! More Vending Business Opportunities, these vending machine companies are listed in alphabetical order by company name.
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Blue Bottle Vending is a company that started as operators with over 20 years of experience not only in the water vending industry but payphones, bulk vending, and snack/soda machines. Let one of our highly trained experts assist you with the installation of your first machines. We will come to you! From California to Florida, the Middle East to the Far East, we train on-site.

Phone: 800-479-3812
Cell: 480-319-5640
Fax: 800-479-3812

IVM, Inc. began in 1991 as a company dedicated to maximizing their clients’ income and handling their distribution through high level technology. Throughout the years, IVM has grown and succeeded by staying true to that original goal. Coin Operated VEND Lockers – IVM now handles all supply vending responsibilities for our customers throughout the United States and internationally.
VEND-Locker- Vending Machine!
SALES: 800-676-8432
USA: 317-899-6787

Sunscreen Mist Sunscreen Mist Booths emit 50% more sunscreen lotion than the U.S. FDA recommends for full-body complete coverage. *Our Booths emit 1.5 ounces of sunscreen per application!! Customers enjoy our tropical & refreshing mango-coconut SPF 30! All of our lotions DO NOT contain any harsh chemicals, as they are created using an aloe-vera and purified water base, and blended fresh in small batches to ensure freshness. For more information please visit #sunscreen #sunburn #suntan #SharkTank #healthyvending

Toll Free US:
1 (888) 878-6647
Mobile: 248-563-7100