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Find Ice cream trucks for sale, along with concession Ice Cream truck suppliers. Please contact them directly for more information on the ice cream trucks and pricing.

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Ice Cream Trucks, Ice Cream Carts, Trailers
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California Cart Builder – Manufacturer of vending carts, and vending concession trailers. Financing available.
Phone: 866-347-1010
Local: 951-245-1114
Concession Trailers offers used concession trailers worldwide, new trailers and much more. Financing available. We are also very successful with helping sell your concession trailer!
Phone: 800-592-4232
Fax: 704-759-3591
Custom Concessions – is one of the best manufacturers of customized mobile kitchens in the United States. We have built trailers for thousands of satisfied and successful customers. Each of our trailers are custom built from the ground up to ensure quality and perfection in every build. We also specialize in building the finest food trucks, bbq smokers, ice cream trucks, tailgating trailers and more! Visit
Custom Concessions Ice Cream Trucks for sale
Phone: 800-910-8533
Fax: 478-274-1596
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Owning your own Ice Cream Cart is a great way to start your own vending business. These ice cream carts are top of the line and can be customized to meet your needs. We can even make you a hot dog cart instead. If you’re looking for a summer job, a second income or want to own your own business. Our ice cream carts are the best place to start!
Phone: 800-915-4683

CONCESSION TRUCK FRANCHISE TYPE OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - Part-time or Full-time, work up to 6 figure income. Purchase the Complete package: Truck, machines, equipment,vendors, etc. Serves Quality soft serve Eddy’s ice cream. Exclusive territories, Financing available, easy to maintane. Private parties fundraisers 3 day shows, ice cream socials. No royalties, no commissions, one flat fee to get started in your new ice cream concession truck business! Call 561-745-1647.

Phone:  561-745-1647
tomtorsiello@ has been designed to be a convenient site for finding the best resources available for vending and purchasing ice cream products and supplies. The resources within this site will help you find everything you need for distributing Ice cream in your market.
Phone: 801-266-9199
Jack & Jill Ice Cream Co., We Offer a unique street vending business. As an independent street vendor, you would buy your ice cream at wholesale, sell it at retail and the difference between the "buy" price and the "sell" price – less your expenses – is your profit on a daily basis.
Phone: 215-639-2300

Specialty Trux offers a wide range of new and used commercial trucks for a wide variety of needs: beverage and vending routes, food or bottled water delivery, ice cream sales!
Phone: 888-398-6641 – We sell Concession Trailers and Ice Cream Trucks. When it comes to Mobile Vending, we have 15 years of hands on experience, and can tailor your Ice Cream Truck, Concession Trailer, Catering Trucks, and all other mobile vending units to your specifications.
Phone: 732-969-5400
Fax: 732-969-1200 – We sell Concession Trailers and Ice Cream Trucks, Mobile Food Catering Trucks. We have over 400 food/ ice cream/ vending trucks for sale now!