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Adams Brooks – Candy Manufacturers,  Fine Candy, Confections Since 1932!

Phone: 213-749-3226
Fax: 213-746-7614 is family-owned and operated specializing in gumballs, candy, and other bulk vending products and supplies. For over 20 years,
is in business to help your business succeed! 

Phone: 800-853-3941
Local: 760-744-1550
Fax: 866-863-5867

Candy Nation is a wholesale candy distributor based out of the Philadelphia, PA area. We specialize in bulk candy.

Phone: 610-326-4901

Goetze Candy – Wholesale Candy Manufacturers, candy suppliers for your vending machines!

Phone: 800-440-8467, founded in 1993, is the original internet merchant of gumballs and candy. We stock an amazing selection of products from Dubble Bubble, Ford Gum, and Oak Leaf. We offer great prices, backed by our 105% Low Price Guarantee, and fast shipping. To shop online now, click the image on the right. Website…

Phone: 800-260-0010
Fax: 214-550-5070

Healthy Chocolate Products! All products are certified by Brunswick Laborites testing to have the highest antioxidant levels in our Healthy Chocolate products. No preservatives  – refined white sugar – wax – fillers – nor chemicals added. All Natural Cocoa, Acai Berry, Blue Berries etc, and most important Diabetic friendly! Power Cookie, Power Bar, Xe Energy Drink, Plus a variety of Healthy Chocolate products.

Phone: 909-810-0213

HERSHEY’S VENDING offers a variety of candy bars, value vend bags and gum and mints for sale.

Phone: 800-468-1714