USI’s Mercato 4000 – A New Addition!

Mercato 4000

Announcing a NEW addition to the Mercato glass front snack vending machines line, the Mercato 4000 offers high capacity snack volume for more flexibility and customer choices at mid to high traffic locations. The Mercato 4000 offers up to 36 selections and a product capacity of up to 360 items.

Snack volume is important in the 2020’s because of the simple fact that if your vending machines don’t offer what a consumer is looking for, they will go somewhere else. 

Thanks to the Mercato 4000, you can have confidence that this vending machine will have something for everyone, and it will stop consumers from going away disappointed when they can’t find the products that they want.  

About The Mercato 4000  

Made by Iowa based U-Select It, the Mercato 4000 can offer consumers a lot of options since it has the capacity for 128 snacks, 255 candy and 40 pastries.  

What’s also ideal is since it only weighs 481 pounds, it literally is a vending machine that you can load and unload from a truck with ease.  

This glass front vending machine is also compliant with all MDB compatible devices and at only 72 inches high, you can place it at most locations.  

Advanced Styling and Touch Screen Interface 

Yes, the Mercato 4000 gives you the ability to offer consumers a lot of product options from one vending machine but what’s ideal is that it has advanced styling and a touch screen interface.  

Thanks to its built-in security and quality construction, this vending machine is also safer than other older machine machines that are in use today plus it’s also ADA compliant, and it offers state-of-the-art energy saving features as well. 

Product Specs

SpecificationsMercato 4000
SelectionsUp to 52 items
Capacity423 Items (128 Snack / 255 Candy / 40 Pastry)
Payment SystemsAll Industry standard MDB compatible devices
Data CommunicationDEX/UCS
ElectricalRequirementsDomestic:  115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 AMPSInternational:  230 VAC/50Hz, 0.6 AMPS
Height72” (183 cm)
Width35.2” (89.4 cm)
Depth34.75” (88.3 cm)
Ship Weight*481 lbs. (218.2 kg)  
*Varies with tray configuration & options.

When it comes time to manage this vending machine, you can also count on full sales and accounting features along with easily adjustable snack and candy options. 

To learn more about the Mercato 4000, visit the U-Select its website at