The AmmoBox, Smart Automated Ammo Sales


The AmmoBox is the first vending machine of its kind specially designed for the secure and safe vending of ammunition or other regulated/age-restricted items.

AmmoBox™ is equipped with real-time age verification and identity authentication hardware from and high-risk payment processing. Boasting 7 cubic feet of product storage and the ability to vend items up to 4lbs at a time, means you can sell cases of pistol, rifle, and even shotgun ammo with ease.

Verified-Vending’s AmmoBox offers your business security, scalability, and peace of mind. Ensure you’re in compliance with state and federal KYC statutes with this industry-leading technology.

AmmoBox is perfect for use in businesses where regulated/age restricted items are in demand. Utilize AmmoBox in your shooting range, gun shop, skeet, trap or clay course, rod and gun club, or anywhere that state regulation allows.

Limit the need for staff intervention by leverage AmmoBox to provide ancillary items to your customers. Accessories such as ear protection, protective eye wear, oil, or sham clothes are just a few of the items you could vend.

Other Regulated Uses

The AmmoBox platform is a versatile automated storefront that can vend various types of regulated and non-regulated CPGs (consumer packaged goods). Available with ambient, refrigerated, or frozen setups, this machine can sell anything from cigarettes, to ice cream, to laptops.

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Verified Vending Ammo Box