Evoca North America Offers Sophia Touchless Coffer Maker Solutions

Sophia Touchless Solutions

Are you searching for more touchless coffee solutions for your office coffee service, or micro market routes?

Distributed by Evoca North America, Sophia Touchless Solutions makes it possible for all to enjoy their daily dose of caffeine without having to physically touch the coffee maker like they have done with other machines in the past. 

With their Sophia Touchless Solutions, your customers won’t have to physically touch the coffee maker, they can easily order and pay for their cup of coffee using their smart phones. 

Simple, Elegant, and Intuitive 

To get started, all a consumer must so is scan the QR code on the brewer screen, then choose their drink selection that they want along with the other things that they want included in their coffee. 

Sophia app

Easy To Use and Maintain  

All that’s required to get started with this coffee maker at your location is a power source, and a wireless internet connection, because the Sophia Touchless Solutions can be managed from anywhere that you have an internet connection. 

What’s most important of all about these coffee machines is that they aren’t just a K-Cup, Keurig machine, these coffee machines distributed by Evoca are all bean to cup machines that will guarantee great tasting coffee every time.  

Quality Coffee Machine 

Coffee will always be one of the most popular beverages on earth, but consumers are wanting more options these days than just a cup of coffee. 

Since the start of the pandemic, consumers still want to enjoy their coffee but they also want to order their caffeine fix from a safe and sanitary coffee machine.  

With Evoca’s Cafection, touchless solutions, you can satisfy the tastes of your most demanding coffee loving customers. 

These machines are not just innovative, they are also environmentally friendly as well and are easy to maintain. 

To learn more about Sophia Touchless Solutions, visit their website at https://www.evocagroupna.com/, info@cafection.evocagroup.com, call 800-561-6162.

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