DMVI’s Smart Vending Machine Solutions For Product Delivery

DMVI Smart Vending Machines

Vending machine technology was rapidly advancing and providing consumers with more options than ever before including touchless screens and multiple cashless payment options.  Thanks to Digital Media Vending International, LLC (DMVI) vending businesses have been able to reach more customers, and have a presence in multiple types of locations, using smart vending machines technology, not only in USA but worldwide. 

Smart Vending Machine Ideas

Is your product big and bulky, or small and fragile? A smart vending machine can assist your vending machines to easily distribute many types of products to the consumer. 

All smart vending machines designed by  DMVI include; conveyor belts, spirals, and hangers, but what’s best of all is that each machine contains a product elevator which ensures that products don’t fall once they are ordered by customers. 

These smart vending machines can also be retrofitted with a heated cabinet, or refrigeration, so the vending machine can distribute warm or cold food to your customers. 

One of the many features that make these smart vending machines unique is their “virtual shelf” option that gives customers the ability to see what the machine offers, on the 145” of shelf space, from the machine’s 42” touch screen. 


  • Smart Touchscreens 21″, 42″ or 50″
  • Conveyor belt and elevator delivery systems
  • Spirals, tractor motors or hanger trays
  • Automatic delivery door
  • Keyless entry & user management/control
  • App Connectivity and Control
  • Inventory status control
  • Remote product and price management
  • API Sockets for 3rd party applications
  • Remotely managed digital signage with video analytics
  • Motion sensors that trigger sound effects or actions
  • Product delivery sensors
  • Facial recognition, age and gender recognition
  • Custom Touchscreen UI’s
  • Remote Payment Interfaces
  • Full telemetry
  • Social networking
  • QR and 2D code scanning
  • Multiple language support
  • MDB/DEX/ccTalk vending machine controllers
  • Remote security CCTV

After a customer orders a product from the vending machine, it will be delivered safely via the product elevator, and the machine sensors track product delivery so that the machine owner/operator will always know when products are delivered. 


  • COMPACT Wall Mounted Vending Machines
  • GIANT Vending Machines
  • Smart Vending Machines
  • Beverage Vending Machines
  • Outdoor Vending Machines
  • Custom Vending Machine Design
  • Interactive KIOSKS
  • Electronic LOCKERS
  • PPE Vending Machines
  • Vending Machine Controllers

The Right Solution For Growing Your Company  

Digital Media Vending IntlDIGITAL MEDIA VENDING INTERNATIONAL designs and manufactures custom vending machines and automated retail solutions. We love to innovate and work with you to develop new concepts and ideas, to bring vending machine technology into the 21st century. Whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up, an experienced operator or a household brand we’ll give you something that’ll set you ahead of the pack. With offices in the United StatesUK and Hong Kong.

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