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Wall Mount Water Vending Machines for sale! Shipped Anywhere in The World! All Currencies, UNBEATABLE PRICES! Always the best prices for Coin operated / Bill Operated WATER VENDING MACHINES SINCE 1979!

Phone: 888-420-6247
Fax: 310-822-4188

PROTOCOL is a leading international supplier of over-the-counter medications and other personal products. Wall mounted vending dispensers.

Phone: 800-227-5336
Fax: 651-256-2571

Slimline Designs – Wall mount, Floor Standing, and counter top vending and dispensing machines! FACTORY DIRECT pricing and Warranty with the Manufacturer. Wall Mount vending machines: 10 selections of 10 products for selections of 100 packages or upgrade to our 18 selections 675 packages which expands to carry a maximum of 5700 packages. All machines can be equipped with coin changers, bill validators, credit card readers, DEX, and Internet accounting communication. We ship world wide. Call Toll Free for pricing 1-866-580-3328!

Phone: 866-580-3328
Local: 604-580-3328
Fax: 604-635-3968

Universal Vending Consultants (UVC), based in the Houston Texas area, specializes in vending machines specifically for the first time investor.
Phone: (281) 236-6451
1-877-643-8363 (VEND)
Vending Manufacturers, Inc– We are a manufacturer of small wall mountable medical aid vending machines. The machine vends the OTC Meds. We also manufacture other small wall mountable machines. Visit our website at: www.vending-mfg.com
Vending Manufacturers
Phone: 800-356-9218
Fax: 251-621-8354