Personal Products for Vending Machines and Micro Markets

WHOLESALE PERSONAL PRODUCTS! Personal hygiene products for vending machines, micro markets and office coffee service. PPE Products, Face Masks, Sanitizers and more! Please contact these Wholesale PRODUCT Companies direct for more information about the products they offer. These Wholesale PRODUCT Companies are listed below in alphabetical order by company name.
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Pre-wrapped face masks ready for distribution! Perfect for anyone who forgot their mask in a pinch. Charge a premium. Preferential pricing for volume.
-Form-Fitted, Multi Seam
-2 strap design to fit behind the head and neck
-Pleated and arched nose design for best fit
-High Reusability Rating
Invisible Masks
Phone: (407) 595-0901
The Carousel Division provides many varied products to the distribution sector. Dispensers, Novelty Products, Pre-packaged and Bulk packaged items in case quantities.
Phone: 847-573-0800
Fax: 847-573-0833
KLYNGO PRE-PASTED TOOTHBRUSHES for Vending Machines and Micro Markets. Klyngo pre-pasted toothbrushes are fantastic for breakrooms! Who wouldn’t want fresh breath after lunch or afternoon break? As a vending professional, you need to have this product on the shelf of all your vending machines and micro markets. Also offering special quantity discounts to Product Distributors and Brokers. Call or text today to receive 10% off your first order!! Call
Klyngo Pre-pasted toothbrushes
Phone: 917-201-1544
The Merch-A-Vend Company is one of the leading suppliers of travel related OTC meds and toiletries. We supply vendors and hotels/motels in all 50 states with merchandise packaged for sale thru glassfront snack machines. We carry brand names such as Tylenol, Advil, Bayer, Tums, Breck Shampoo, Mennen Deodorant, Colgate Toothpaste, Scope, Lifestyles and others. Most merchandise is packaged in a box specifically designed to vend thru glassfront snack machines. Most orders are shipped via UPS within 48 hours, visit, or call 800-248-1620.
Phone: 800-248-1620

Weiners Ltd is The Nation’s largest supplier of trial size toiletries and medications to hotel and hospital gift shops. Our catalog has nearly 900 items for travelers and people on the go.

Phone: 800-788-8601
Local: 608-831-3554