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HOT FOOD VENDING MACHINES FOR SALE! Fresh Hot Food (pizza, french fries, chips) vending machine companies listed here. Please contact these suppliers direct for more information about their hot food vending machines and the products they offer.
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Hot Food Vending Machine Suppliers
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Why just pizza? Bake Xpress is the world’s only multi-product robotic micro-bakery, providing fresh pastries like croissants or meals such as pizza, quiche, or gourmet sandwiches 24/7. Customers use the eye-catching 55″ touchscreen to make selections. Their chosen item moves from the refrigerated storage to the oven and is served freshly baked in minutes. Multiple payment methods accepted. Monitor inventory and machine status remotely. Suitable for locations where a restaurant isn’t viable 24/7 such as hospitals, universities or office/factory break rooms. Available worldwide. Call/E-mail for detailed information for operators. Visit
Bake Express
Phone: (860) 245-1175
IMAGINE GETTING A DELICIOUS, 10-INCH, ITALIAN STYLE, THIN CRUST PIZZA IN UNDER THREE MINUTES FOR ABOUT $8.00. NOW STOP IMAGINING, BECAUSE YOU CAN. Basil Street machines feature three 10-inch Italian style, thin crust pizza offerings: four-cheese, pepperoni and a “Pizza of the Month” selling between $6.95-$11.95. All of Basil Street’s pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients and then flash frozen to preserve the flavor and freshness before being cooked-to-order in about three minutes. Visit website at
Pizza Vending Machines by Basil Street
Phone: 310-742-4100
Fastcorp Vending – Your Robotic Storefront is Open for Business. Fastcorp has been an industry leader in robotic retail and vending technology for almost three decades. Our unique product storage and delivery method offers a versatile, reliable, efficient and cost effective approach to vend just about anything. Our machines can be found in over 50 countries wowing customers and providing the opportunity for consumers to feel the future, not the past, when purchasing robotically. Visit us at for more information.
Fastcorp Pizza vending machine
Phone: (203)739-0301
Our PIZZA TOUCH machine boasts high technology and a system that allows you to remotely track everything that happens on the machine in real time. Our ovens bake the pizza like a professional, without losing out to a pizza prepared in a pizzeria. The Best Pizza Vending Machines in USA!
Pizza Touch Vending Machine
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World’s No.1 French Fry Vending Machine!! -35 seconds process! Fry in any type of oil, any frozen potato, any type and size, any manufacture, using any type of sauce and salt. All this in 35 seconds, in oil. Yes. Great machine, pneumatic. Power 16A. Machine represents in Milano and Koeln trade show. French fries Fry in oil have a great taste and feeling, like any fast food production. Taste is much better than the air machine!! Visit website.
Phone: 310-349-1172