Cleaning Cards for Bill Acceptors

Cleaning Cards for Bill Validators and card readers in Vending machines, Kiosks, and ATMs. Suppliers for Cleaning cards for vending listed here.

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Bill Validator Cleaning Cards featuring Waffletechnology. Order online. JCM Global has approved this Waffletechnology® cleaning card as the only style of cleaning card to be used in their bill validators. This JCM custom proprietary Waffletechnology® design was developed for the US market and will trigger the cleaning mode. The cleaning mode software will transport the cleaning card at a precise speed, automatically passing over components three times (cleaning mode only available in US Market). 
KICTeam, a cleaning solutions provider for vending machines, ATMs and kiosks. These cleaning cards have been awarded method and design patents for its “Autoclean” technology, which enables cleaning in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Visit
Vendors Repair Service Inc sells and repairs coin changers, dollar bill acceptors and PCB Boards from Mars Electronics, MEI, Conlux, Maka, Coinco, Ardac, National Vendors, Automatic Products, Debitek and others.
Phone: 800-248-1712