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CARNIVAL AMUSEMENT RIDES & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE! Please contact these suppliers direct for more information about their carnival equipment & supplies for sale. Carnival Entertainment Event Suppliers listed here.
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Betson Imperial Parts & Services provides real-time service and on-time shipping of parts and accessories for carnival, arcade games, vending, office coffee service, monitors, and more. With access to thousands of parts and over $8M in inventory, Betson can help service a wide range of equipment quickly so you can continue generating revenue with little downtime. Betson offers a parts purchasing website at so your team can purchase parts at any time with ease and convenience.
Betson Imperial Parts & Service
Phone: 800-524-2343
Local: 201-438-4281
Atelier Peter Petz – We sell Nostalgic Steam Carousels and Carnival Attractions.

Phone: +08251/2188