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Factory Direct Vending from the original dream of founder F.A. Wittern. Since 1931 our company has produced over 2 million vending machines. We sell high quality Snack, Soda, Combo’s, Food, Deli, Bottled Drink vending machines. New Vending Machines at Factory Direct Prices! Zero Down Financing! Call 1-800-454-2454 today!

Factory Direct NEW Combo!
Phone: 800-454-2454
Email us sells completely refurbished vending machines; Bottle, Can, Energy, Snack, Coffee, Refrigerated Snack, Frozen, Food, Ice Cream, dollar bill change and Coffee machines. We carry a large selection of parts for Vending Machines, We ship USA. Order online or come in to visit our showroom based in La Habra, California. for Parts, or for Prices call 1-909-223-5522 today!

Monste Vending Machine Sales!

Phone: 909-223-5522
Vending World – Buy your Vending machines Online and have them shipped anywhere in USA, or pick them up your self at our facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We have a 30,000 sq. ft building and with hundreds of machines in stock!

Local: 909-944-9599
Fax: 909-944-7898