YoPoint Smart Vending Machine with 55″ Touch Screen


The YoPoint smart vending machine brings vending into the 21st century. Its state-of-the-art vending platform makes buying products easy since all a consumer needs to do is touch the product and scan the QR code that pops up. 

Developed in China using the latest Android system, this merchandiser is more than a vending machine. It also offers video advertising, games and other interactive features that will keep consumers engaged. It also has a SaaS platform which is going to change the way operators do business.

One Stop Remote Management 

Touch screen vending is ideal but can YoPoint vending machines also be managed remotely? The answer is yes. These vending machines can be managed anywhere you have internet access thanks to YoPoint’s software that makes it easy to manage their machines while having the data that you need at your fingertips. 

Yes, data is the key driver that’s responsible for business growth and with YoPoint’s comprehensive data statistics, you can easily know the status of your vending machine at moment’s notice and add or eliminate products when necessary. 

Offer Your Vending Customers More 

If a machine is in a high traffic location that’s not converting as planned, a YoPoint vending machine can help. The company says consumers will be attracted to the machine because of its 55-inch color display, which YoPoint claims will keep shoppers engaged long after they have made a purchase.

About YoPoint Smart Technology Ltd

One of the leading manufacturer of vending machine in China. First vending machine developed with latest Android system. Our R&D mini-programs and interactive games offer a vending platform that is fully customizable for your brand and products. Our state-of-the-art 55″ touch screen consumer interface with video advertising and SAAS platform will change the way you do business. One stop remote management system will highly enhance the efficiency. They promise you a new way of Vending. You dream it! They build it! Empower your vending business with the whole new Yo! Point!

Visit website at https://www.yopoint.com, Email bd@yopoint.com