What Is Vend Delay and Why do you Need It?

Vending products of different weights means dealing with unique needs and situations. While other vending machines tend to offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ vending platform, Fastcorp™ DIVI™ machines allow you to adjust parameters to ensure proper handling and delivery of your unique product.

Whether you are vending 0.5oz sponges at a car wash, or 4lb books at the mall, DIVI Vend Delay can ensure your product is delivered safely and consistently to the customer.


Understand how your product travels from storage to the customer.

1. DIVI’s SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) lowers the picker tip into the
   storage bin and connects with the product. 

2. The product is lifted via suction and maneuvered over the delivery bin. 

3. Based on your SOFT DROP settings, (see video) the picker tip lowers your product towards the delivery bin. 

4. Once at the lowest point of descent, the vacuum disengages allowing the product to land on the foam delivery pad for retrieval.


In the case of vending a 4lb book, sufficient product weight ensures the book disengages quickly from the SCARA picker tip when the suction is disengaged.

However, if you’re vending those car wash sponges or similar light items, you may need longer vacuum disengagement (see step 4 of the vend process above) to allow the product to fall away.

Vend Delay — A standard feature in all DIVI machines — allows you to adjust the pause and suction disengagement to suit your unique product.

Without an adjustable Vend Delay, you may watch your lighter product being re-lifted away from the customer! This is an embarrassing example of one-size-fits-all vending solutions NOT fitting all product needs.

Preventing accidental re-lifting – while optimizing your machine’s turnaround for efficient customer service. DIVI’s Vend Delay is your solution to pesky physics problems!


As we’ve already mentioned, it all depends on your product’s weight. 

All DIVIs come with a 5 second standard Vend Delay, BUT you can drop this to zero for quicker vend turnarounds of heavier products or increase it up to 9 seconds to ensure light products have fully disengaged.

Confused? Don’t be… Start with these parameters and dial in the Vend Delay to your needs. And because this is Fastcorp – you know that there is always a customer service rep here to help you with any questions.


Vend Delay will allow you to fine-tune your vending experience for your customers, and give them a properly handled product, in the shortest time possible!

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