Warehouse Efficiency Tools, Powered by LightSpeed Automation

Warehouse efficiency tools

Check out FastTrack V.2, run a better warehouse through a robust pick-to-light system. This efficiency tool is Ideal for operators with 8+ routes.

This pick-to-light order fulfillment system enables larger businesses to reduce warehouse needs, redeploy personnel, and combat labor shortages.

FastTrack V.2 is:

  • The most trusted order pick system in convenience services
  • An easy-to-use LED light technology that directs pre-kitting activities
  • Backed by turn-key installation process with training
  • The key to reducing labor costs while running a smoother warehouse
  • Essential for operators looking to save money in their pick lines.

Run a Streamlined Warehouse

LightSpeed warehouse solutions provide you with the tools you need to run a tighter operation. Utilize our system to reduce labor costs, reduce mispicks, and take control of your warehouse without breaking the bank.

For more information visit https://365retailmarkets.com/warehouse-efficiency.