Wall Mounted Touchscreen Vending Machines Transforming the Way We Snack

DMVI Touch Screen vending

In a world full of constant innovation and technological advancements, it should be no surprise that even the good old vending machine has undergone a major transformation. Gone are the days of struggling with clunky buttons and outdated designs, as a new era of small wall-mounted smart touchscreen vending machines has arrived- a convenient and cutting-edge solution to satisfy our cravings and desires at any time of day.

These sleek devices by Digital Media Vending International, LLC (DMVI), equipped with state-of-the-art technology, aim to revolutionize how we purchase our favorite snacks, beverages, and even everyday essentials. With a swipe here and a tap there, these machines offer a seamless and interactive experience that caters to the increasingly tech-savvy world in which we live. 

Depending on your product pack size, you can have a surprising number of product selections. Wall-mounted vending machines can be created to size specifications that suit your needs and you don’t have to compromise on features.

DMVI regularly includes the following in their wall mounted vending machines:

  • Touchscreen User Interface
  • Credit & Debit card terminal
  • EMV ready credit and debit card readers
  • Live coupon validator
  • NFC – Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, Google Wallet™ etc.
  • Remotely managed digital signage
  • Motion sensors that trigger sound effects
  • Inventory management and API solutions

To learn more about their smart vending machines, contact them today by calling (800) 490-1108 or visit their website at www.digitalmediavending.comcontact@digitalmediavending.com