USI Offers New Text To Speech Programming Option For Visually Impaired


Iowa based U-Select-It recently released a new text to speech ‘talker mode’ for the visually impaired that will make programming their Evoke Snack vending machines a breeze. 

This feature will certainly help visually impaired service technicians, and it will also ensure that USI vending machines are programmed accurately, because there’s nothing more efficient than hearing the instructions spoken back to you while you’re programming a vending machine.

Adding talker technology to USI vending machines is a game changer because it’s something that’s not currently being offered by other vending machine companies. 

To utilize the technology, all a technician needs to do is plug in their 3.5-millimeter audio jack, for their headphones or speaker, into the audio port which is located next to the coin mechanism and the control board. 

Easy Accessibility  

After plugging in their device, the technician will press the service mode button on the control board then they will go into their machines service screen to change the audio settings on their machine to activate the talker mode on their Evoke snack machine. 

Once the talker mode text to speech feature is activated, a technician can easily program their vending machine regardless of their visual impairment because this USI vending machine also includes a color invert option which is ideal for color blind technicians as well. 

See video below for more information.

USI Is Prioritizing Accessibility 

In 2024, USI is leading the way by prioritizing accessibility for all their vending machines so that they are easy to use by technicians and the consumers who purchase food, drinks, or snacks from them. 

To learn more about USI, and their Evoke Snack vending machine (with talker mode), visit their website at, Call 800-247-8709.