Upgrade Your Vending Machine to Accept Cashless Payments

Are you thinking about upgrading your vending machines so that they can accept cashless payments? If so, you’re making a smart choice. 

Parlevel Systems states that recent studies have shown that cashless payments can increase a vending machine’s revenue by close to 50%. This means that it’s vital for you to convert your vending machines to accept cashless payments ASAP or you’re losing money. 

Are Your Vending Machines Able to Accept Cashless Payments? 

Before taking the steps to convert your vending machines so that they can accept cashless payments, the first thing you must do is find out if they can even be converted to accept those payments. 

Your vending machines must have two main ports: an MDB, and DEX (data exchange) Port because these ports will make it possible for you to plug a cashless reader into your vending machine. 

Most vending machines these days that were manufactured after 2015 are MDB capable and will accept card readers without any issues plus they can also give you in-depth reporting from your machine as well. 

If you’re unsure about the ports on your vending machine, it’s best to consult with your vending machine manual or contact the seller to confirm that your vending machine can utilize a cashless reader.  

Will Machine Upgrades Be Required? 

What if your vending machines don’t have MDB or DEX ports? The good news is that you may be able to upgrade your vending machine by investing in a new control board, but that upgrade can cost between $300-$600 per machine. 

If you own multiple machines, that can be a very costly investment per machine so it’s best to make sure that the ROI will be worth it versus investing in new machines. 

Not sure if your vending machines have what’s required to upgrade them to accept cashless payments? Parlevel systems can help! They offer excellent customer service and great support that you can rely on when it comes to converting your machines to accept cashless payments. 

To learn more about converting your vending machines to accepting cashless payments, contact San Antonio-based Parlevel Systems today by calling (210) 200-8873. or visit https://www.parlevelsystems.com/.