The Vending Mentors Vending Training Class

30 years ago, Barry was a struggling teacher and bartender trying to make more money for my wife and kids. I really wanted to start my own business, so I wouldn’t have to get another job.

I wanted more time and money for my family and to bring my wife home from her full-time job to be with our kids.

The thing is, I was frustrated with trading my time for money. I had a ceiling on what I could make and didn’t want to work extra hours OR add a third job to my day.

I bought my first 5 vending machines from a vending broker, which also came with the promise of them being placed at profitable locations.

The problem was…

A few weeks in, I noticed the vending machines were NOT making as much money as the vending broker had promised me.

I also found out I was charged 3x more for those 5 vending machines than what they were actually worth.

I had no idea that vending brokers would overcharge me for my vending machines and/or exaggerate how much money I could make at a vending machine location. 

BUT it happened… and I still have people calling me everyday saying it happened to them too.

It all changed when I stumbled across a mentor…

He taught me which vending machines to buy (and which vending machines to NEVER buy), how much to spend on vending machines, and how to find and get profitable locations for my machines. 

With his mentorship, we went from those first 5 vending machines to then growing our business to make $500,000 per year in gross sales.

After being in the industry for over 30 years, we decided to teach people like you how to be successful in starting their own vending machine business. 

THE VENDING UNIVERSITY We created a FREE CLASS with online training where you’ll learn:

  • How to make $30,000 NET per year with 10 vending machines, in just 10 hours a week
  • ​How to choose the most profitable vending machine locations without being an expert

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