The Ultimate Smart Coffee Shop: intelliCafé


The intelliCafé was designed for settings where a full-scale coffee shop may not be practical, yet there’s a demand for high-quality specialty coffee. The intelliCafé is entirely customer-operated, eliminating the need for permanent staff. Developed in collaboration with Franke Coffee Systems, our platform supports over 300 popular hot and iced coffee shop favorites.

  • 24/7 Gourmet Coffee
  • Autonomous Operation
  • 300+ Hot and Ice Drink Choices
  • Flexible Volume Options
  • Remote Management

With features like facial recognition and a “Virtual Kiosk” accessible via smartphones, the intelliCafé offers a safe and convenient way to place orders and make payments using contactless methods. Plus, it remains open around the clock, always prepared to serve customers when they need their favorite cup of coffee.

The intelliCafé uses the best coffees and flavors, cutting-edge brewing technology, and barista-created recipes to consistently deliver uncompromising quality. Coffee beans are ground fresh for each drink and real milk is perfectly frothed to order, elevating the coffee experience far beyond expectations. The intelliCafé enables each customer to select from 8 flavor options, choose real dairy milk or Califia Farms oat milk or add extra espresso, inspiring them to “Be the Barista”. Furthermore, the intelliCafé ensures every beverage is ready in about 60 seconds, delivering class-leading speed with exceptional quality, 24 hours a day.

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