The Prosper, A Cold Beverage Vendor

The Prosper  by Seaga

Today’s consumer wants to be able to choose from a variety of the latest beverages and only The Prosper gives you the power to load up with these high margin products.

The time is over for placing 7-10 selection stack vendors with their limited offerings; they simply miss today’s marketplace.

  • Diverse Vending Ability
  • 18 Selections, from 20 Columns
  • Easy to fill, with drop-down retainers
  • Easy access to refrigeration deck
  • High energy efficiency 1,314 kWh per year
  • 300 Product Capacity
  • Unrivaled Product Flexibility
  • Size: 79″X32″X34″, 811 lbs

Why spend more on a glass front or struggle to set up and maintain an average stack vendor when Seaga has a preferred Lean Vendor?

Higher profit margins and expanded options; all with a lower cost.

For more information visit Seaga’s website, call 815.297.9500,