The KlearView 20 Locker System

KlearView 20

Introducing the KlearView 20 Locker System – A Versatile Solution for Vending Non-Traditional Items.

This innovative system can function as a standalone locker with a Control Unit or be easily integrated with an existing AMS machine. Each Control Unit has the capacity to operate up to four KlearView Lockers, providing ample storage and vending capabilities.

With the option to combine up to three doors, creating larger openings becomes a hassle-free process, further enhancing the system’s flexibility.

KlearView20 has 18 doors that are 4.7 inches high and 14.2 inches wide plus two doors that are 11.5 inches high and 14.2 inches wide.  The compartment size allows an operator to sell larger items or industrial supplies which AMS says may offer higher margins than candy, drinks, or other snacks. 

The machine is fully customizable allowing an operator to sell items anywhere.  If an operator owns an existing AMS machine, the KlearView20 can be partnered with it or mounted to a control module. Its a fully customizable machine that enables a vending operator to sell items anywhere. 

According to AMS, the KlearView20 can also be used as a storage locker making it possible for a company to sell and distribute its products.  AMS says the machines can be used in-house to improve employee efficiency and make it easier for employees to get the products that they need without waiting. 

Ideal for:

  • Vending unique snack items
  • Industrial supply and tool checkout

Embrace the possibilities with the KlearView 20 Locker System and expand your vending offerings beyond traditional items.

For more information visit AVS website, or Call 304-725-6921.

Klearview 20