The FoodSpot BA1 Model, It’s a Micro Store!

The FoodSpot BA1 Model

At 2,137 square inches of shelf space, FoodSpot has the largest interior room for a smart fridge micro store offered in the US. Based on our operator feedback, we challenged our engineers to double that shelf space within the same 3’ x 3’ footprint. In September 2023 we will be releasing the BA1 model, our new American-made smart fridge with a whopping 4,212 square inches of shelf space.

Unlocking Sales Potential

In the dynamic landscape of fresh food retail, smart vending fridges have emerged as a game-changer, redefining how we access restaurant quality fresh food on the go. For a 24-hour operation, variety must stay relevant to the consumer to drive sales around the clock. The interior shelf space plays the most pivotal role in boosting sales by expanding the variety of offerings. We have learned from our customers that bigger is better when it comes to smart vending because, when merchandised properly, it’s all upside:

  • Larger variety of products.
  • Less need to stock as frequently.
  • Space to apply merchandising principles.
  • Space to test new products without compromising sales.
  • Space to add ingredients, shelf stable and non food consumables.

Larger variety of products

Modern lifestyles demand convenience without compromising on quality and variety. With a spacious interior, these vending fridges can accommodate an array of products, from microwavable meals and beverages to salads, sandwiches, shelf stable snacks, and non-food consumables.


Does appetizing vending sound like an oxymoron?

Well, it is, until you apply strong merchandising principles for your consumer experience. A larger interior enables smart vending fridges to showcase fresh ingredients and branding in a visually appealing manner. This builds consumers confidence for their primary purchase and when making impulse purchases once the door is opened. The enhanced lighting kit in the new BA1 model supports the merchandising principles of having a well lit, organized, clean space to further drive sales.

Ingredients, Shelf Stable and Non food consumables

Yes, all those things that people in the building buy frequently and would pay a premium for at that moment (faster than Amazon). For different buildings and different food brands this can mean very different things.

What are those top ten sellers in grocery, convenience and drug stores that are most relevant to the people that frequent that specific building? In a college dorm it could be convenience items like single use laundry detergent, toothpaste or Cheetos. In an office it could be a half gallon of milk, eggs or a meal kit to take home for dinner. Turning the bottom shelf of your fridge or an adjacent fridge into a convenience concept transforms your smart fridge into a lifestyle amenity.


In the world of smart vending fridges, size does matter. The impact of having a larger interior cannot be underestimated when it comes to driving sales. As on demand fresh food retail continues to evolve, the significance of a well-designed interior will remain a cornerstone of smart vending success.

As a company founded by engineers and fresh food retail veterans, constant evolution is at the center of FoodSpot’s culture. We are excited to share the BA1 model as our next step in giving our customers what they need to thrive in unattended fresh food retail.

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