Step into the Future of Fun: ArcadeXR Brings Modern Arcade

Experiences into the Digital World.

ArcadeXR has arrived on the gaming scene, offering consumers an exciting new, accessible way to enjoy an authentic arcade experience from the comfort of their own homes. Founded by a team of industry professionals who are passionate about arcade gaming and game development, ArcadeXR is uniquely positioned to create innovative games and experiences that capture the thrill and excitement of traditional arcades. By harnessing cutting-edge technology together with a deep understanding of what makes arcade gaming so special, ArcadeXR is positioning itself to become a major player in the world of gaming and entertainment.

“We’re enthusiastic about bringing the excitement of arcade gaming to new entertainment channels that reach a wider audience,” said Shannon Perell, CEO of ArcadeXR. “Our objective is to encapsulate the heart and soul of the arcade experience – a social, competitive, rewarding environment that forges friendships (and rivalries), with physical games and experiences delivered to digital spaces and virtual worlds.”


ArcadeXR has already launched two products. Arcade Legend is a virtual reality game available on the Meta Quest store, where players restore an abandoned arcade, play officially licensed arcade games with friends, and win tickets, prizes and more. The company’s other flagship product, Arcade Online, is an immersive Connected Reality platform that brings the genuine arcade experience to the digital world. Players connect to real physical arcade games via their phones, tablets, or computers, playing for tickets which are redeemable for prizes, on a platform that combines the modern arcade experience with the accessibility and gamification of a mobile game.

About ArcadeXR
ArcadeXR is an arcade experience company that connects people with games. Their team combines decades of experience in the arcade industry, game development, and online services to bring delightful and engaging arcade experiences to virtual worlds. For more information about ArcadeXR and its products, please visit