Southco Offers Innovations in Vending Security

Southco offers a complete portfolio of vending security products ranging from hinges and latches, to handles, fasteners, and monitor mounts that keep vending machines and kiosks secure.  For more than 70 years, Southco, Inc has been a leading designer of engineered access solutions that have enhanced the touch points of vending machines, kiosks, and other applications around the world. 



  • Electronic Rotary Latches
  • Display Mounts
  • Position Control Hinges
  • Lever Latches

A Secure Customer Experience. Let’s face it, in the world of self-serve kiosks and machines, the custom experience must remain secure and effortless so that consumers can use the machines that they want without having to be burdened by extreme security features. 

Ensure security of equipment contents. When Southco is involved, machines will remain easy to use since their engineers excel at enhancing user ergonomics while ensuring the safety of the machine and its contents. 

Manage and control equipment access. As the world has changed, and more consumers want on demand products, Southco’s engineered solutions make it possible for companies to offer secure access solutions for their self-service equipment.

A global leader in security features for unattended kiosks and machines worldwide, Southco also has 17 manufacturing and stocking facilities, in nine countries. This means that regardless of its footprint, companies can depend on Southco for the security solutions that they need. 

Ready to learn more about Southco and their engineered secure access solutions? Visit their website at, call (610) 459-4000, email