SoftPOS for Micro Markets in 2024


Got softPOS? It’s the payment method of the future because it makes it possible for consumers to pay with their smartphones or wireless device without having to pay at the register or make physical contact with a PIN pad. 

In today’s economy, it makes sense for operators to invest in softPOS, especially if they own a micro market, because it makes it possible for consumers to pay for their items faster in a contact free environment.  Check out Ingenico.

Easy To Use  

Besides being super convenient for operators and merchants to use, softPOS is also easy to set up since anyone can use their smart phone or tablet if it has an NFC (near field communications) chip installed in it.  

The good news is that most smartphones and tablets have NFC chips already installed in them so it’s possible to get started with softPOS quickly.  

Runs On Any Device 

softPOS is also user friendly and it can be easily installed on any devices, especially if one device goes down, it can be easily installed again, so that the business can continuing collecting payments.  

Most important, softPOS is also secure as well since it uses the same payment structure as EMV payments, and operators can also configure their softPOS to accept a customer’s PIN as well. 

Used By Merchants Of All Sizes 

One of the most common questions that business owners have is if softPOS can be used by any business, and the answer is yes. 

This payment technology is used by businesses of all sizes including large retail businesses, to micro markets worldwide. 

Without a doubt, softPOS has become a competitive differentiator since it allows businesses to accept payments in more places than before and it’s going to be exciting to see how operators incorporate it into their transactions in 2024 and beyond. 

Are you ready to learn more about the value this technology can provide to your business? Igenico has the answers, Contact us. Or visit us at NRF Booth #4538.