Soap Station Prime Vending Machine, by KioSoft

KioSoft offers integrated Soap Stations to augment your facility’s location revenue and provide customers with a quick, convenient way to get Detergent, Softeners, Bleach and more.

This robust, high-capacity soap station solution accommodates bottles or boxes of Detergent, Softeners, Bleach and more.

  • Automatic elevator lift and conveyor belt retrieval system.
  • Fast & easy loading.
  • Adjustable tray partition and height.
  • Secure ruggedized metallic cabinet.
  • Triple-glazed viewing window.
  • Includes KioSoft’s versatile VXT Series 3.5” touchscreen Reader for laundry facility integration.

About KioSoft

KioSoft has been a technology leader in the Payments industry since 2002 and are pioneers in this category. The company provides a complete systems approach and comprehensive line of solutions to their customers.

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