SMRT1 Technologies Offers Intelligent Vending Solutions

Brad Pommen
Brad Pommen, President & Founder of SMRT1 Technologies

Welcome to the future of intelligent touchscreen vending! SMRT1 Technologies is on a mission to provide the latest technology to make automated retail engaging, convenient, and memorable customer experience.

Thanks to SMRT1 Technologies, operators have access to safe, efficient, and highly profitable vending machines that have small footprints and can fit well in any setting. 

Upgrade Your Vending Machines with Smart1 Technology  

Besides offering consumers the products that they want 24-7, SMRT1 POD vending machines also have to offer operators the features that they are looking for as well including: 

  • Built-in access controls that safeguard against theft.
  • Safe dispensing that ensures cross-contamination risk is mitigated.
  • 4-foot touch screen that educates consumers on healthy product choices.
  • Impact resistant safeguards that ensure the machine is protected from theft.
  • Data analytics that can be used to detect consumer behavior shifts
  • Can be managed from the cloud and updated in real-time

SMRT1 POD vending machines can be used for a wide variety of delivery methods including food and beverage, retail products, company products, employee safety items, and more. 

Offer Fresh Food and Retail Smart Vending 

Times are changing for businesses but, with this smart vending machine, operators can engage with their customers, and drive sales while being able to manage their smart vending machine from any location in the world. 

With no need for face-to-face interactions, operators can tap into pop-up retail trends and test new products/markets while having access to the dashboard reports analytics, and tools that they need to build a highly profitable business. 

To learn more about British Columbia-based SMRT1 technologies, and their POD vending machines, visit their website at, call 833-767-8123, or email