Smart Pizza Vending by API Tech North America

Smart Pizza Vending

The next generation pizza business is here, and it’s a robot that works 24-7 while providing the same quality pizza that can be enjoyed in restaurants. 

Powered by API Tech North America, their Smart Pizza Vending machine is an easy-to-use vending machine that makes it possible for you to take advantage of the continued demand for pizza, an iconic fast food that’s known all over the world. 

About Their Smart Vending Machine 

API Tech North America offers two pizza vending machines to choose from: 

Model 1 (Diva) – Offers one hearth oven, one delivery hatch and the ability to store 64 pizzas. 

Model 2 (Julia) – This model offers two deck ovens, two delivery hatches and the ability to store 96 pizzas that can be made into 200 different variations. 

These smart pizza vending machines can place anywhere, especially at indoor or outdoor locations, can be configured to serve hot or cold pizzas and they accept all forms of payment. 

What’s most ideal about these pizza vending machines is that they can be 100% connected to the internet as well, making sales and supply management easy. 

Quality Baked Pizza 

Smart Pizza Vending

One of the biggest problems that other pizza vending machines have faced in the past is that those machines produced pizza that looked and tasted like it was purchased from a vending machine. 

The API Tech Smart Pizza Vending machines come with a real deck oven, and this means that the pizzas they produce will taste great and have a crispness that your customers will enjoy, 

Also, these vending machines come equipped with energy saving settings so that the oven temperature can be lowered when the oven is on standby, waiting for the next order.  

To learn more about Florida based API tech, and their smart pizza vending machines, visit their website at, email