Signifi – Smart Fridge with AI


In today’s world, grab-n-go is what customers expect, especially when it comes to freshly prepared foods, fruits, and vegetables. 

Thanks to the Signifi smart fridge, there now is an easy and convenient way for operators to offer the menu options that their customers want, without them having to compromise food quality, flavors, or option. 

Besides offering consumers the products that they want, this smart fridge also offers self-serve checkout and tons of advertising options that the operator can use to grow their businesses. 

Next Generation Food Technology 

Smart fridges have changed the game and made it possible for every operator to offer the benefits of a freshly prepared menu to their customers regardless of if those consumers buy product at night, early morning, or weekends. 

The Signifi smart fridge can be placed almost anywhere, especially in locations with heavy foot traffic like gyms, clinics, airports, gas stations, pharmacies and beyond. 

These fridges make it possible for anyone to find the exact foods that they are looking for without having to settle for eating just anything because it’s fast and convenient. 

How Does It Work? 

Once a consumer confirms their identity via their payment method, the smart fridge will unlock and only charge consumers for the products that they took from the shelf, once the door closed. 

This ‘computer vision’ system also makes it possible for operators’ to control and track their inventories remotely plus it’s real time analytics makes it possible for them to always offer their customers the foods that they are looking for. 

Smart display, easy deployment and anti-theft measures make the Signifi vending machine an ideal fit for any vending operator who planning on adding a smart fridge to their portfolio of vending machines. 

To learn more about the Signifi smart fridge, visit their website at or call (905) 602-7707.