Should You Have Dome Camera for Security? 


In 2023, unattended retail, micro market and vending security is more important than ever before. With crime on the rise at some cities nationwide, a dome camera offers operators the necessary security feature that they need because, this camera will deter criminals while also monitoring the location where it’s been installed.  Check out the Dahua 4MP Starlight Camera. Read more!

Smart Motion Detection 

Having a dome camera is one thing, but a camera that’s motion activated is even better, because the camera will automatically detect movement and capture that activity with reliable, high-quality video. 

It doesn’t matter where your kiosk, micro market or vending machines are placed, a dome camera is the security feature that you need to monitor your equipment and what’s most important is that dome cameras also operate under diverse lighting conditions. 

Wide Dynamic Range 

Unlike some cameras that offer a limited range of motion, a smart motion detection camera offers you true dynamic range and it will capture all movement within the vicinity of where it’s been installed. 

Besides choosing a dome camera that can operate in any lighting conditions, you also want to invest in a camera that offers tripwire and intrusion functions as well.  

Thankfully, the Dahua 4MP Starlight camera offers all the features that you’re looking for in a dome camera and it’s IP67 rating means that it’s earned allocates from businesses that need reliable video regardless of if the camera is placed in a harsh environment. 

To learn more about the Dahua 4MP Starlight camera, with true wide dynamic range, and IR illumination, visit their website at