Seaga Combo Merchandiser QB4000

Seaga QB4000

The Seaga Combo QB4000 revolutionizes space-conscious environments.

Tailored to seamlessly integrate into settings like laundromats, hotels, and gas stations, this machine presents a compact, sleek design while providing a variety of beverage and food choices.

This sleekly engineered combo machine, QB4000, is a valuable addition to your vending business.

The Quick Break Combo is great for locations with limited space and that don’t need separate merchandisers for beverages & food. Its health & safety compliant and MDB and DEX capable. Although this machine can be placed in almost any location, it is perfect for laundromats, hotels, gas stations, and car washing businesses.

When coupled with the entrée unit it expands to tackle the busiest of locations providing owners the ability to adhere to all customer needs.

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