Prepango Specializes in Custom Vending Solutions for Niche Markets 

Prepango custom vending machines

Are you thinking about placing a vending machine in a niche market, but you can’t decide on which vending machine will work because of that location? 

Thankfully, for niche markets where one-size-fits-all vending machines won’t work, it’s best to call Prepango

Based in Chula Vista, CA, Prepango is a top vending company to call for custom vending machines for niche markets because they don’t just try to make a vending machine ‘fit’ in a location, they create a vending machine to fit the location.  

Ideal For High Traffic Locations 

Many vending machines fail at high-traffic locations because those machines lack the design and features that will capture the attention of consumers. 

A Prepango vending machine stands out because the company creates platforms that complement the business and its products, instead of the business trying to make its products fit in the machine. 

Once installed, businesses can have peace of mind that Prepango will be responsible for handling all the operational processes of the machine while also ensuring efficiency as well 

Help Companies Grow Their Offline Channels 

In the 2020s, it’s most important than ever before for a business to have offline channels that they can use to reach their customers. 

Prepango vending machines make that possible, especially with their automated kiosks that can be used to deliver products to consumers, even after normal business hours. 

Besides helping companies of all shapes and sizes discover the power of vending, Prepango also offers automated coffee vending machines and travelers communications vending machines that sell SIM solutions and contract wireless phone services to consumers. 

Learn More About Prepango 

To learn more about California-based Prepango and their vending machines, visit their website at, call 619-710-1680, or Email.