Pod Plug, Smart Vending for Nightlife

Pod Plug

Searching for the right vending machine for a night club location? If so, check out the Pod Plug vending machine.

This 32-inch, (free standing or wall mounted) touch screen vending machine can be placed almost anywhere, especially in tight spaces. 

Unlike most vending machines that specialize in just 1-2 items, Pod Plug can hold up to 120 products at a time, especially items that might commonly be needed in a night club, bar like: vape pens, tampons, TUMs and more. 

One Vending Machine That Can Carry Almost Everything 

Let’s face it, night clubs, bars and restaurants serve a diverse clientele, and they are often searching for specific items that are not available at all hours of the night. 

With Pod Plug, this vending machine can carry all the necessary items someone might urgently need late at night, especially phone chargers, and other essential items that people often need while on the go. 

Cloud Inventory Management 

Like most 21st century vending machines, Pod Plug also comes with Cloud Inventory management, and with multiple payment items accepted, a venue owner can have peace of mind in knowing that their customer won’t walk away disappointed since they can pay with credit/debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more! 

What’s ideal about Pod Plug is that the company fully manages this vending machine; this means nothing must be done by you, just get it installed and let Pod Plug do the rest. 

32 Touch Screen Wall-Mounted

  • 120 Product Capacity
  • Wall Dimensions: H45″ x W25″
  • Minimum Space Requirement
  • Custom Advertisements
  • Tap To Pay – Apple Pay,
    Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.
  • Cloud Inventory Management
  • Installed Within 30 Days

Learn More! 

With more than 100 locations in 16 states nationwide, the demand for the Pod Plug vending machine continues to grow as more operators see this vending machine as an asset to their businesses.  

To learn more about Pod Plug, visit their website at https://www.podplug.com, email ethan@podplug.com.