Payter Cashless Payment Terminals 


One of the keys to success with managing an automated unattended machine business, such as vending or micro markets, is being able to offer cashless payments to your customers because more people than ever before want to pay for their purchases with a quick swipe. 

With Payter, you have an easy-to-use, cashless payment terminal, that makes it possible to offer the option of cashless payments to your customers. What’s most important of all, the system also feeds operators fresh data including: 

  • Product Movement 
  • Real Time Revenue Information 
  • Machine updates including error information. 
  • Cash Inventory  
  • Condition Of Machines 

Yes, the Payter cashless payment terminal essentially works as an ‘employee’ because it also makes it possible for operators to monitor their machines and make informed decisions that affect how they manage their routes and grow their businesses. 

Payter terminals are also certified by AMEX, VISA, MasterCard and Discover too. This means that you can have peace of mind in knowing that they meet the latest PCI regulations for data security but most importantly, you won’t lose sales because the machine will accept your customers payment methods.  

Always Up to Date 

If you currently manage the readers and other payment methods that your company offers, you know how much of a hassle it’s been to keep those machines up to date. 

Thankfully, Payter readers are always updated automatically because they come with a remote software download mechanism which ensures that they are updated remotely, safely, and efficiently. 

With remote updates, you can eliminate those expensive service visits that no operator likes to pay for because updates and adjustments to a Payter reader can be done efficiently from any computer. 

Payter works with the  biggest processors and acquirers in the United States, UK and Europe to provide you with the freedom of choice of your preferred banking partner. They will help you to select the best partners for you to ensure a smooth and speedy setup of the Payment terminal.

Payter supports 99% of the standard unattended automated machines! Such as: Royal, Crane, Vendo, Saeco, and Jofemar to name a few.

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