DMVI Has Custom Vending Machines Solutions


Digital Media Vending International LLC (DMVI) is an experienced custom vending machine design & manufacturing company that specializes in affordable design solutions.

When buying vending machines for a single product, miniature or small vending machines, wall mounted vending machines or free standing standing vending machines. The company is equipped to handle non-traditional vending solutions.

Do you have an idea for a custom vending machine design that you’ve never seen before? Or maybe you’ve seen something unique and would like to design something similar? Or maybe you need a simple custom vending machine that is built to dispense your product range. Whatever your needs, they can help bring it to life! Talk to them before you buy vending machines that don’t stand out.

DMVI’s experience in designing and building a diverse range of custom vending machines and automation projects reflect their capabilities in providing solutions on time and within budget.

Custom Vending Machines That Include:

  • Smart Touchscreens 21″, 42″ or 50″
  • Conveyor belt and elevator delivery systems
  • Spirals, tractor motors or hanger trays
  • Automatic delivery door
  • Keyless entry & user management/control
  • App Connectivity and Control
  • Inventory status control
  • Remote product and price management
  • API Sockets for 3rd party applications
  • Remotely managed digital signage with video analytics
  • Motion sensors that trigger sound effects or actions
  • Product delivery sensors
  • Facial recognition, age and gender recognition
  • Custom Touchscreen UI’s
  • Remote Payment Interfaces
  • Full telemetry
  • Social networking
  • QR and 2D code scanning
  • Multiple language support
  • MDB/DEX/ccTalk vending machine controllers
  • Remote security CCTV

For more information contact DMVI at, call 800-490-1108. or visit