Nayax Offers Cashless Solutions Built For Vending

Nayax Payment Solutions

Cashless payments are now the preferred way that most Americans use for paying for everyday items like gas, kiosk purchases to food and beverages from vending machines. 

If your vending machines don’t accept cashless payments, it’s time to enable them to accept cashless payments with cashless vending technology from Nayax

Plug And Play Installation 

One of the biggest reasons to use Nayax cashless payment solutions is plug-and-play installation. 

When an operator chooses the Nayax VPOS Touch, or any of their other solutions, they can have their vending machines set up in minutes and ready to accept payments from customers.  

After installation, operators will be able to accept all forms of payments including VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay as well. 

Increase Sales With Nayax Cashless Vending Solutions 

Since 2005, Nayax has been a leader in developing cashless payment, IoT services, and management solutions for vending and unattended retail. 

Nayax technology makes it possible for customers to pay for foods and beverages with their credit cards or mobile apps, eliminating the need to use cash for purchases and increasing sales. 

Besides convenience, Nayax technology also makes it possible for consumers to avoid spreading viruses as well because the technology is also touchless. 

Suitable For Multiple Markets 

Although ideal for vending, Nayax cashless payment technology is also suitable for multiple markets and applications including car washes, amusement rises, laundromats, office coffee machines, kiosks, electric vehicle charging stations, and more. 

The applications for this cashless payment technology are endless! If you own multiple vending machines, or other assets that accept payment from customers, you can improve the ROI of your business with Nayax cashless payment technology. 

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